Someone needs a hug

I haven't hugged J in a week.
He still has a sniffle...I want him to hurry up and get better is hard to not just go "ah screw this, come here." Because...snuggles are the best medicine. But not sick ones to a chemo patient.
It's been a crazy wierd weekend with him dealing with a lot of life stress outside of me being sick...and altho we're coping, it is just so...wrong to have to stay a few feet from him and treat him like he is infectious...and he just needs snuggle therapy too, dangnabbit.
At least my immune system should be a bit stronger soon again. Days 7-12 are when I am my weakest and must be cautious, and then I bounce back. It's day 11.



Crabby McSlacker said...

Aw dang, that must be so frustrating! But I think you are being smart to give the germs a wide berth until your immune system can kick ass again. Maybe you can croon sweetly to him instead of hugging him? :)

Carla said...

ahhhh now this I remember from so many friends who went through chemo.
they stayed away from me and the hugs a lot since I had/have a little.


JavaChick said...

That would be hard for sure. Hang in there! Once you get better you can hug him all the time! :)

azusmom said...

Not fun! Hopefully he's better soon!