Hear me baby, hold together

Ok....just to warn you. This a ranty post. I just have to. If you need a little happy, i am afraid i am a bit lacking today...
You would think that with the amount of tears my dry eyes shed this past week I would not be able to also be retaining water...but no. Apparently my mad multitasking skills apply to side effects too. 
Oh yes, my dry watering eyes. Worse this treatment-J and I went to dinner and a movie on the weekend since I was feeling better energy wise...it was so nice, but my eyes weeped the WHOLE time. At the moment my eyes are red and blotchy and often water so badly I have blurred vision. In sub zero weather it hurts my face to be outside because the tears freeze on my face. Yes. Lets just say my eyes hurt. I am waiting for this to go away soon. Impatiently.

And in the last 2 days I have suddenly gained 7 pounds in what has to be water weight...overnight my winter boots won't zip up my calf and legs feel rediculously puffy. My fingers are puffy. My pants are snug. 
Oh yes. I am bringing the sexy.
To say I am annoyed is an understatement. 
Lets just say bald, puffy and bug-eyed without eyelashes or eyebrows is not a good look for me. There's no way to ignore it.
Trying to stay positive, but it is really REALLY annoying...I will try and muster what little energy I have to hop on the bike today and try and get some happies in me.

Just 1 chemo left! 
This friday I am poisoned for the last time.
Thank frog...


Yum Yucky said...

I'm kind of relieved at the reasoning for your teary eyes. I thought something bad had happened! What you need is a miniature fan to attach to your forehead. It'll air those tears right out. I'm inventor, ya know.

solarity said...

A most unpleasant set of side effects, quite worthy of a rant. Last chemo, now, that's encouraging. Tell those side effects their turn is over.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

Methinks you've earned the right to rant. Hopefully these side effects will go away PRONTO!

JavaChick said...

I agree with azusmom - you've earned the right to rant. At least the end is in sight!