Thanks Doc

I am learning to not be so stubborn and listen to my doctor more. The week after chemo I don't sleep well from all the junk in my system and it can be frustrating (since normally I can sleep anywhere at any time). I had been given lorazepam to help me sleep along with my collection of  other side effect drugs, but given that even non-drowsy cold meds make me conk out and drool I have been leery of taking any sleep aids because I hate feeling sedated and groggy the next day. Plus, I don't like to take medication unless I absolutely have to...I'm odd that way. I have a high pain tolerance and like to be in touch with my body to a certain degree to not overmedicate...and with all this stuff they give me for chemo my overmedicate bells are ringing off the hook :)
Me? Stubborn? Nah... ;)

At my prechemo visit after he noticed my worsening sleep issues noted in my treatment diary my doc really pushed me to try even half a pill to help me sleep - he felt with these new side effects having a good night's sleep might help me face up to them with a clearer stronger mind and body.

So I listened...and he was right. These last two nights I have slept SO much better and am waking clear headed feeling ready to face the day.  Ready for the aches to come. I'm in such a better frame of mind with 8 hours of sleep instead of a wishy washy 2.

Thanks Doc :)


solarity said...

My father liked to quote (from somewhere) "Sleep is the beginning of health."

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla said...

sleep is the first step to a better better day.


Yum Yucky said...

I'm also stubborn with meds, but sometimes it's just gotta be done. So glad you listened and got good results from the meds. And now, I will sing you a lullaby, so listen closely so you can hear it over the Interwebs wires....

azusmom said...

Lorazapam is a gift from the pharma gods!
I used to take half when I was having trouble sleeping due to anxiety. Just when needed.
Go rest! :)

Carla Birnberg said...

((checking back in on you))