Every Day

I'd like to introduce you to my Dad. This is a favourite recent picture I have of he and I :)
Why? Well, I've been thinking about him today.
I am lucky enough to have a family full of support and love through everything I have gone through in my life. They aren't perfect, but I know they are always there for me when I need them, and with my treatment it has been a real godsend. My Dad has had a tough few years after losing my Mum, but the last year or so he has really come back to himself and the sparkle and joy in his eyes has returned....just in time for him to worry about me and my health.
But even in this, my Dad has been his wonderful self. Dad is one of those simple guys who can fix anything and is always ready to help other people when he can with a smile and a laugh. He taught me well to speak my mind clearly and be respectful and use the gifts I have to help others. He spent his work life as a teacher and educator and now he is a putterer and general handyman of all sorts up north where he lives, tinkering with friend's cabins and helping them fix and build things in their homes. After a lifetime of helping people, he has recovered to himself after losing mum through the help and support of all of the friends and people he has helped over the years. 

Thing is, some people are unable to deal with sickness and grief and pull away. I've seen it. It hurts at times, but I can understand it on some levels...sometimes the pain of other losses comes back and it's too much to put yourself out there again. I've run into it after being diagnosed. Yet to me,  love is all of that and more...because I've seen it lived out in my Dad. :)

I am still smiling today after a phone call from my dad this morning. Nothing big, just a little call to check on me and say hi. The thing is...since I was diagnosed he calls me every day. Every. Day. To say hello. See how I am. Tell me his day and wish me well. Talk or pray with me. Just let me know I'm thought of and loved.

And so I want to pass on to you this little thought in my head this morning: Never underestimate the power of a smile or a word or any small gesture you may do to others. Sometimes just the smallest little thing can make the difference in someone's day in ways you will never know or understand.

All I know is I'm smiling already and I haven't even had breakfast :)


solarity said...

He has a delightful smile. I have to tell you that it's amazing how much he looks like the picture I have always had in my head when you write about him, and I don't think you've described him.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Carla Birnberg said...

oh my heart.


azusmom said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yum Yucky said...

((wipes misty eyes))
It's so very nice to read about your wonderful daddy. And what a great picture.

Carla Birnberg said...

((checking in on you. just letting you know youre in my thoughts/prayers!))