Wuv day

Happy love day everyone :)
Sorry I've been away a while. I've been busy just doing *stuff* :)

I have just gotten back from my most recent poison dose and am relaxing up at home feeling great after a nice walk in the snow. Tonight, since I still feel so great, J and I are going out to see a great DJ who is in from Vancouver (Timothy Wisdom. Funky stuff). Since the emetics they have me on for the next few days make me all jittery and feeling fabulous and I can't sleep I figure we might as well have a nice evening before the side effects kick in in a day or so. After today I will be a good little hermit and we will have a weekend of relaxing up at home. Since I now know this new chemo has me feeling OK for the first few days before the crash and burn I'm taking advantage of it.

The last week has been nice. I felt great so I got a lot done around home, worked on my craft room, baked up some killer bread and enjoyed a few days of tasting food and having my energy back.

The last chemo since the side effects were a lot more intense. I admit, despite my best shiny efforts, I had a pity party sometimes and since I wasn't nauseous I ate a lot as I tend to to self-medicate. Add in the nasty taste I have in my mouth when my taste is gone (like salty moldy bread...blech...even water tastes gross) I had a real incentive to always have something in my mouth to get rid of the taste. Let me just say - when you can't be active this is really not so good of a business plan for maintaining a healthy weight. My doc asked me to keep an eye on my eating so I don't continue to gain 6 Lb this 3 weeks post next chemo too. Fat carries estrogen in the body, which is bad for my tumour, so the better I can maintain the weight the better I will respond to treatments. The idea is to do what you can but not overdo it...a bit here and there is fine, but the further I go forward, the further I have to go back. Part of it is water weight form the steroids but really - time to stop. I really just went nuts. And I have no desire to go further and have to buy new pants so I have lots of fruits and veggies and sugar free lemon candies for when the weird taste drives me crazy and will try much more this time to not just say "I feel like crap so I am just gonna eat whatever I want to today" to try to cheer myself up with late night snacks and hot mint milk. Now that I know what I'm in for my moods and nerves will be a lot easier to deal with through this next round, so I'm more confident I can keep it together a little better. THAT is my february goal. Minimise further expansion.

One amazing activity I had this last week was to be able to attend a Look Good Feel Better session put on by the cancer centre. I and a guest (I took my lovely SIL) get to meet with beauticians and get a giant bag of free beauty kit and be taught how to look after your skin and do coverup makeup for chemo issues...I now know how to make it look like I have eyelashes and eyebrows and even out my dry skin -for a non-makeupy person such as my myself it was cool to be able to learn a few tricks to look all a bit more purty and stuff when the mood strikes. There was a session about selecting and caring for wigs and hats and how to tie headscarves and we even got a few free hats. I loves me a free hat.

So yeah...things are good here. Hope you all have a good love day and a lovely weekend. :)


solarity said...

Tasting food is good, yes.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

Hope you had a great time and a FAB weekend!