And back out the other side

Well then.
Hullo :)
I am glad to say that other than tiredness I am nearly back to normal. I am tired, still have the odd twinge, my mouth still aches and I have random odd tingles in the palms of my hands, but definitely better. I am not going to say it was fun, but now I know what I am in for the last 3 treatments...and bitch, please, we can do this thing :)

Sadly my tastebuds are shot, but what can ya do? Now that my mouth isn't so sensitive I am focusing on healthy and interesting textures instead. Certain acidic foods tastes nasty and burn, but for the most part I can still eat whatever I want which is nice. I am relying on J to let me know if things taste OK and plan to just work on healthiness.

Now I want to focus on what I *can* do and not on the negative. I have had my share of wallowing for a while and intend to make the best of what I can when I can. This is a Journey I have been given to walk and I want to learn from it. I firmly believe all things happen for a reason. Right now who the hell knows, but if there is something i need to learn...I don't want to miss the whispers and sparkles of the little things in every day. I have already learned so much about myself through all this...and I am sure there is more to come.

I have come up with schemes for the coming week to keep focused. Yes, riding my bike, but also getting out. Out to see some friends and remember my life outside my home and outside the big C. That and spending time in my mad scientist closet/craft room in the basement sorting it out and getting ready to make something. Don't know what'll come to me as it always does. I had hoped to build the stained glass window for my Dad that my mum designed but the little nicks and scratches I get when I work with glass are a bad idea until I finish chemo. Instead I have some other schemes in my head that are forming and will come out when they are ready. Add to that the pair of arm warmers I am knitting to match the hat I just finished (which is a bit big but still fits-woot!) and I think I will be fine the next while to keep busy as energy permits.

It's the little things. All of them make life grand. Even the crummy ones. Now that I have come out the other side of my treatment back into the light I don't want to miss a thing :)


solarity said…
Yes, the little things. It's not what they mean by "detail-oriented" in job descriptions, though. :)

Mary Anne in Kentucky
carla said…
I long to beg to differ.

Yum Yucky said…
Your strength and positivity is incredible. I have a lot to learn from you.
azusmom said…
What Carla and Yum Yucky said!

JavaChick said…
So glad you are feeling better. Also, I find your positive attitude amazing! Hang in there. :)
Carla said…
checking on you...
Yum Yucky said…
Hi there. Just checking on ya. You are in my thoughts today!
azusmom said…
Happy Valentine's Day!

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