Gentlemen we can rebuild him...

I have decided a way to begin rebuilding my muscles.  Every morning I will do the following this week before breakfast. Next week I will do it twice thru. Then maybe change the pushups to burpees. Then in chemo week I'll just do what I can and get back to it when my body permits. 

10 squats
10 lunges right leg
10 squats
10 pushups
10 lunges left leg
10 squats
10 pushups 
10 side lunges, both sides
20 bicycle crunches

It's so odd after what I could do before. My legs were shaking after doing this this morning. I can only do pushups from my knees. Yes... I am weak, and can feel it in my legs already, but will be strong again. Functional strength. It sounds wierd to say but I need to be back in touch with my body again and what it can do. Even if it's just a little bit.

I also picked up a yoga DVD which I am curious to try a few times a week during chemo week when I can do less. My doc suggested yoga to help with the aches so I will try that and see if it helps. I think just stretching and moving will make a difference. My doc told me, and it turns out to be true, that the more I move the less crappy I feel even when I don't feel well. I have been more active this round taking walks whenever I can and feel much better overall compared to last round. I am convinced going out dancing helped...on many levels. Truth is, This is something I need to do to feel like I am not giving up too much to sickness. Because some days it's easy to start in on pity party here alone at home all day. This helps me fight that with something concrete beyond a "some day I'll be better", for the odd day when I just don't quite believe treatment will ever finish.

Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon to talk about my next step after chemo. Nervous....oh yes...but I want to know what my options are and what tests I need to move forward. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dying to know if I can go to Comicon the end of April or of I'll be in survery recovery instead. It's the first step in figuring out how I get back to my life again. 


solarity said...

Take heart: I can't do one push-up any more; my shoulder just will not improve. And I might be able to do some squats, but my knees would object to twenty. I'm not weak, either, just broken.
But you're quite right; don't let muscle get away from you!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Yum Yucky said...

Even though today is my rest day, I'm going to do this workout in your honor, once I gets back to the house. Onward to Comicon for YOU!

azusmom said...

I've started doing Zuzana's workouts, and thinking of you. Betcha I'm weaker than you are, and I don't have any excuse other than being whiny and lazy.

Does that help? :) <3


Carla Birnberg said...

and if I can help in getting back to yer life again---let me know!


JavaChick said...

I think I'd have trouble doing that workout first thing in the morning! Kudos to you for taking this initiative, and you may be right - moving could very likely help you to feel better. :)

Geosomin said...

It's ridiculous how stiff I was the next 2 days! Much work to do!