Ugh. It has been a few mopey days of acheyness. All over aches and tiredness like the flu. Only longer. Even my throat and teeth feel like they're twitching...yes. good times. And yet, no not really horrible...just really not ending yet dagnabbit. Like I ran an Iron Man marathon...with my whole body...and didn't stretch out after. 
Yeah. Like that.
It's supposed to fade in the next day or so. Thank frog for that...3 days is enough thanks.
I'm gonna go take a walk cuz it's good for me.
Later taters.

On the upside, this toon made me laugh...we joked about this the other day :)



Carla said...

nothing but love.


azusmom said...

More love.

Bonnie said...

And love from Canada too. :) Found you via Carla's blog and just wanted to encourage you. I understand what you're going through (only so much, as a supporter and not physically going through it myself) and appreciate you sharing your story. Also, I love that cartoon - we could use some "richness" over here too! Although I'm grateful to be rich in other ways. :) Thinking of you!