High School Flashback

He heh...to protect my nails from chipping and possibly (eek) falling off from exposure to UV rays mixed with chemo poisons I have been told to use nail hardener and paint them purple or black. I'm not very girly so I'm kinda sucky at this nail painting thing but after a few failed attempts I've managed to find a nice purpley black polish and have painted my nails.
Going from hardly polishing my nails ever to super dark is a bit distracting. I find myself looking at my hands a lot.
And, strangely enough, I feel like a leftover teenage goth :) ...or would I be emo now?
Yup...OK I just confirmed by saying that out loud I'm kinda too old to be either...!
Think I need to dig out some black clothes and eyeliner and lipstick...with the bald head I could really pull this off for a while...hee hee. Problem is I smile too much...hmmm...maybe if I dug out some Depeche Mode or Radiohead?



Carla said...

you have the best attitude
and when that wanes and if you wanna whine---YOU KNOW WHERE TO FIND ME.

azusmom said...

The Smiths?

I'm also thinking this is the perfect time to get your "Star Trek: NG" Captain's outfit. Then whenever someone asks if you want something, you can say "Make it so."

Yum Yucky said...

Then it's settled. I'm sending Greedy Baby to you (via Fed Ex box) to paint your nails. She's a pro at it. She won't even spill the nail polish that much. Guaranteed to cause only minimal damage to your furnishing and floors. Promise!