Stranger things have happened...

One of my side effects from chemo is a not so gentle punt into early menopause. It may or may not be permanent. The last week I have begun to experience all the wonders of crazy brain, sugar cravings and hot flashes. Usually at night...but sometimes during the day...cuz random radiating body temperature and random mood swings are fun on a bun!

It's bizarre. I don't like sweets as a general rule. I'm already scatterbrained. I've tried to chat with my body kindly to remind it that it's normal for me to be cold all the time, but it doesn't seem very interested in maintaining the status quo. I've been going from "man, I'm chilly, I need a hat and sweater" to "I wonder how many clothes I can take off and not be arrested?" a LOT lately. It happened while out with a friend earlier in the week and it's annoying. Thankfully my bald head makes for sympathy from most folks out in the shiny world. A kind sales lady in the Gap store made my day with her kindness to me when I was dizzy and needed to sit for a few minutes. It makes people dither over you and try to help, which I admit I'm not very good at letting people do...I'm learning.

Most of all, it makes me wonder how it is for regular ladies who have menopause. They don't have the ability to whip off their hats and in an instant let the world know that something is up with them and their bald head. They just get to deal with it and try not to complain to much....

Ladies of menopause - I salute you. Go forth and be hot and cold as you need to and eat that candy and forget your keys as much as you must to get through the day!
I'll be here in the wings supporting you.
Now where'd my hat go....?



Anonymous said...


I love your writing.

And recipes.

And sense of humor.

Good luck with your chemo. More and more people are beating cancer today.


Steve Beckow
Golden Age of Gaia

Kellie said...

Hi Geo,

What a sweet thing to write to us menopause women---just heading into that now, I appreciate your support! ;) And here is support right back to you. You are such a bright light, I wish you so, so much wellness on your journey, and will be sending you extra good energy on your surgery date! (have been reading through your blog from current post backwards.)