#4 complete

Had my last FEC chemo on friday. The next 4 are something new to come. It went well and my cold is fading so I think all will be OK. I am relaxing and staying inside. It is one heckuva cold snap: -40 C with the windchill. I'll stay inside thanks :)
The wall my dad built up for us and wired up and helped us mount our electric fireplace on is done (I mudded and painted in spurts) and the fireplace is up and it's amazing! Black glass frame and lotsa LEDs behind. Something so very cool to stare at and keep us warm in our chill basement while we hermit it up and watch movies. Ees cool yes?
Merry christmas to us! Hee hee.

Stay warm my good peeps!


solarity said...

Warm is good. Stay there.

Mary Anne in Kentucky, expecting highs of -1F tomorrow, when she'll be working outside part of the day

Miz said...

xoxoxoxox and fleece blankets for all.

Crabby McSlacker said...

I will skip the weather report from San Diego... you don't need to be hearin' that.

Stay warm and enjoy your very cool fireplace!