Germs are bad mmmm'K?

It's been a long day, but turned out OK.
I seem to have caught a head cold over the holidays despite my best efforts. Boourns. Too many people in both sides of the family with slight colds seems to have been too much for my germ paranoia and weakened immune system. The past few days I've had a stuffed up head and scratchy throat but still reasonably OK until 5 am this morning when I woke up with a sinus headache and a fever of 101.3. So we went in to emergency and they tested me for all kinds of things to be sure I didn't have a weird  infection other than the head cold and finally ended up (after 4 long hours) going home with some uber antibiotics. My fever broke while I was there thankfully and I have to keep an eye on it -if my temperature goes above 100.4 I need to go in again. Hopefully it won't again.
Thankfully my wbc count is up and my immune system isn't too low so with the help of the antibiotics I should be able to fight this off on my own with some rest and still be on schedule for my chemo on friday. Here's hoping it goes away rather quickly. I can't take anything for it so it's annoying to deal with what would normally be nearly normal with a few advil cold & sinus. Antihistamines and tylenol masks the fever, which can be the only clue that I need medical attention so I can't take it. Advil is a no no because it mucks with your blood clotting factors so it's a no no too.

I have to say -it's still amazing to me how many people go out and about when they are ill. I've been germophoby as much as possible, but I made exceptions for christmas with a few family members who didn't think they were contagious anymore...and snacked on things that were buffet style which I normally would have avoided (it was christmas goodness...and I was actually hungry...). Add to that the fact that we have gone to see a few movies in the last week and I suppose it was inevitable. Perhaps I should have worn a and learn. I will have to be more careful in the future. I got off lucky. There is a nasty cold and flu going around and I'm glad I don't seem to have caught that.
Moral of the story -Hermits are bored but plague free.

I plan to rest and knit and relax with lots of tea and let this run it's course. I hope to feel up to going see J do lights for the bands of a few of our friends on new year's eve for a bit, even if I have to wear a mask. Here's hoping I feel up to it and I can. After that I'll hermit it up until I'm done treatments. Honest.


Carla said...

I thought about you yesterday a's to a great healthy happy new 365 for you.


JavaChick said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Yum Yucky said...

Despite the mayhem of germphobia, I hope you're having a good day. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow.