It's official - I'm a mature adult

A few months ago, before I got sick, J and I decided to finally go and take some of our savings and actually pick out our own couch after living in our house for 12 years.  Yes...instead of hand me downs or second hands from family we went to Palliser EQ and picked out a couch (and 2 chairs ahem) and ordered them in the style and colour we wanted...and then waited...and waited...
.....and today they were finally delivered :)
I have always ALWAYS wanted a dark red leather couch and now I am happy to say that I have one...and it is loverly. Having some nice swivel recliners to replace out 34 year old swivel rocker chairs is pretty awesome too. We loved the old chairs despite them being rediculously beat up but when buying the couch realized we could actually get new grey leather swivel rockers for waaaaaaay less than recovering the old favourites (and get them reclining too - shawingggggg!) so we decided to go all in. They're a bit bigger than the old ones but comfy.

Now with this new floor business and new furniture well...dang. It's so grown up in here. Instant college upgrade to styleytown. Like a whole new adult house.

I like it...but I admit it's gonna take me a few days to sit on the sofa without worrying over it.  :)


azusmom said…
It's all so...grown up!
I'm scared! :)
JavaChick said…
We've been in our house for almost 12 years now, and I just ordered curtains for our living room window before Christmas. We have the curtains, now it will probably take us another year to get the curtain rod installed and curtains hung...

Yum Yucky said…
woot! Dark red leather sounds so sexxx-sayyy. And how's this for hand me downs: we bought our first non-hand-me-down TV 4 years ago. About dang time!

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