I heart my exercise bike

I really do. I have been having some odd muscle aches and cramps latlely from chemo, so one of the suggestions I was given was to get moving a bit just to keep active and not lose any (more) muscle.
So this morning after breakfast I broke out the exercise bands just to move my arms a bit and hopped on my spanky new bike (who I keep calling Spanky) for 20 minutes...Which seemed like an eternity, but I kept pedalling steadily until I was done and stretched after and man...I feel lovely. I makes sense that you would  have odd muscle pain going from lots of activity to none, and there is also a low risk of blod clots in chemo, so I have decided I am really going to make an effort from here on to hop on the bike every day for at least 20 minutes...doesn't have to be hardcore - Just pedalling and a little sweat. I am hoping that a bit of light resistance band work will help the cramps in my left arm as well. We shall see. It seems like so little after what I used to do but it is still a great start.
All I know is it's nice to have been active again.


azusmom said...

That's terrific! And while it may not seem like much, your system is working VERY hard right now, so keeping the workouts light is helping your body to do the work it needs to do right now.

Yum Yucky said...

Merry Christmas, Geo & J! XO!