Ho Ho Ho

Well hello there. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I sure did.
My sister and her husband and my dad were all here until yesterday and it was so nice to just visit, play games and munch with them for a few days. We so seldom get the whole family together...it was great. My niece fit her lab coat perfectly and didn't want to take it off. I felt good the whole time too and am getting my appetite back so I could enjoy the delicious and bountiful food. We've even gotten out to see the Hobbit movie. (Movie popcorn seems to be the one thing I can eat no matter what...so yum).

There were a few family members with sniffles over the holidays so I tried to be germophobey and seem to be OK so far so hopefully I didn't pick up anyone's cold over the holiday with my immune system being low - I am the queen of isogel at the moment. Trying my best without being a hermit. I pushed myself a bit, but had a wonderful time.

I spent time with my BFF making gingerbread houses and when Dad came he helped us prep for our christmas present to ourselves. We bought an electric wall mount fireplace for our chilly basement and Dad wired in a power line for it...and then when we saw the specs for it he also helped us build out the basement wall as well. We didn't mean for it to be so much work, but the ledge around our basement wall would be in the exact spot as to be a fire risk for the fireplace so Dad built up the wall flat to the ceiling and yours truly mudded it. after 4 patch coats it's ready to prime and paint - it should be all finished by the end of the weekend so we can put up the fireplace. Definitely much more complicated than we meant it to be, but it will look great in the end *and* we won't burn the house down when we use the fireplace...definitely a good thing!
J has many days off with me while I'm feeling better - my next treatment isn't until the 3rd so I am trying to be good and relax next week...paint some wall, knit some hat, eat some more turkey and drink my weight in tea. Y'know - all the important stuff :)
I'm off for the tea and a good book.
Happy holidays and all the best in the new year :)


JavaChick said...

So glad you were feeling well enough to enjoy the holidays!

Yum Yucky said...

Just an observation from reading many of your posts: Your family & friends ~ the love you show for each other is wonderful. Happiness!