My friend Cindi is sadly on her way back home again but I'm so glad she came for a few days. It really cheered me up. I had a few good days when she was here, so we were able to hang out, make a few cookies and watch christmas movies. You know those few people you've known forever since high school that are always there when you need them? Yup...that's her. :) Sweet lady she is - she brought me a lovely hat and another christmas robot for my tree. While she was here I finally saw that old Christmas Story movie from the 70s with that leg lamp I keep seeing's bizarre. And my contribution was Opus's Wish for Wings that Work. Odd choices I know - we honestly tried to just find White Christmas to watch, but it wasn't on PPV while these were (???) so hey :) We just hung out and caught up...we never get to do all that enough with family and life and all. It was great. :)

Now that she's gone home I'm realizing Christmas is in a week! Meep.  My Dad has announced he is arriving friday (ulp) and staying for a week and my sis gets in sometime on we will have everyone here for the holidays. I've finished up Lily's lab coat and will try a bits more christmas baking (to have a few gluten free things) if I can when I feel up to it...but other than a bit of wrapping I think I have what I HAVE to have done completed. I don't want to overplan and try and do what I may not be able to (so hard not to!) so I'm just trying really hard to take it easy...I pushed myself a bit when Cindi was here so I'm just resting up and being good until the family arrives. Now is just looking after myself and resting instead of rushing and hecticness. It's a new kinda zen thing...trying to make it work. So far so good. Tricky tho...I always feel like I should be doing more...

All will come in time I'm sure. :)


MIZ said...

No way SISTER.


Yum Yucky said...

I'm with Miz. Embrace the zen. We insist.