Chemo #3 is in the bag. My wbc was good so all is on schedule-huge relief. Yesterday I felt pretty good so I did some sewing on Lily's little lab coat I am making for christmas...it is turning out so well. Since I have a serger I can finish up all the seams and edges and it should outlast her :). J is going to try and get her name monogrammed on it for me. If we can't in time I have some silver iron on letters so it's all good. It's nice to have things to putter at when I feel up to it and I love making gifts...means more to me. My FIL made me a big batch of zemma borcht (german potato ham dill soup...one of my fave) to eat for the next few days. I will stay away from the eggnog for a week (sniff) and eat carefully and have lots of my delicious smoothies and I am sure things will muddle through as they have before

If the roads are decent my BFF Cindi is coming from Alberta today to visit me for a few days to keep me company. We plan to watch movies in PJs and bake some cookies and catch up. We never seem to have enough time to just visit, so I am hoping she can make it out here.

Just planning for some lazy days recovering from the worst of things. The uber anti nausea meds they give you for the 3 days after chemo also give you random energy spurts (often at bedtime...grrr) so I have little projects and a few good books. For now, a smoothie awaits me...and maybe a short walk in the sun if this warm -2 day they promised us arrives :)

Later taters...


solarity said…
Random energy spurts sound consoling. I hope this time they come with useful randomisity.

Mary Anne in Kentucky
ME said…
(((checking in on you)))
Love the positive way you are handling this, and yeah, I hope the energy spurts get their timing down a bit better!
Yum Yucky said…
Movin' and groovin'. You are such a soldier.
azusmom said…
-2? Balmy!
What Yum Yucky said. <3

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