I thought I had a family things last night but had the date wrong, so I had a free evening and I was quite lazy since J worked all evening. I spent last night scheming and looking for recipes for peach ginger preserves and pickling things...specifically jalapenos and salsa. Anyone have a good salsa recipe?? :)

This morning I came in for spin class with el blando instructor. Solid workout but she was quiet and monotone...boring. Still, glad I worked out. I threw in some ab stuff at the end and now I'm in for work and feeling all spiffy.

Tasty food alert: Last night for supper I made this salad...I subbed rice for quinoa since quinoa hurts mah belleh and subbed parsley for cilantro since it tastes like soap to me So very tasty and fresh. I have more for lunch today...hooray :)

Must dash. Lots to do today.
Later taters.

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