Finding my own way back

Second day back at the gym and the instructor was a no show. But the 3 of us who had showed up made our own was pretty decent :) It was good to get sweaty again and I feel fantastic! My workout was two times through 20 reps of the following exercises followed by 30 minutes on a hill program on the elliptical and some stretching:
-squat + side leg raise (with 15Lb bar)
-good mornings (with 15Lb bar)
-bent row (with 15Lb bar)
-clean and press (with 15Lb bar)
-deadlift (with 15Lb bar)
-dragon curtsy squats
-bicep curls (8Lb)
-tricep extensions (8Lb)
-bent back fly (5Lb)
-side and front T- raises (5 Lb)
-shoulder press (with 15Lb bar)
-kettlebell swing (10Lb)
-bird dogs
-(10 only) pushup + planked knee to elbow crunch each side 2 times

Last night was grocery haul for the month. Finally able to take advantage of the deep freeze. Spent a bit more $$ than usual, but we are well stocked up now with canned goods and frozen veg, a case of chicken breasts and I've made 2 dozen homemade burgers from scratch for us. I am determined to make as much of our food from scratch as I can and keep things healthy. Even picked up some materials so I can do a bit of jam making and pickling this month. I want to try a few small batches of pickled beans and garlic and chutneys and jams. My mum in law has the canning stuff and offered to lend it to me to try out so I need the jars and what goes in them to start. Should be fun.
And now?


Yum Yucky said...

Oooo. Can't wait to hear more about your food escapades. That was a good workout, too.

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azusmom said...

You rock!