Random review - Addidas Climacool shirts

In my experience, Addidas ClimaCool fitness shirts are sucktastic if you actually want to use them for their intended purpose and not just hang out and look cute and athletic in them. Seriously - I bought my cute hot pink addidas Climacool shirt for hiking in Arizona and while there I baked in it, but thought it was just the desert temps that I wasn't used to that were making me overheat (it was +29C and, you know, a desert) and so I washed it and forgot about it until this morning when I was running around to grab my gear and make the bus and grabbed this shirt again in a rush to give it another try...and bleh. I was so hot and sweaty in it I felt like I was wearing a plastic bag. No breathing at all...I sweated like a cold can of beer on a hot day... sweat trickled down into my eyes and I could not cool off, even with the bigass gym fan pointed at me. True, it did wick sweat off me, but it made me sweat more because it just didn't breathe. To be fair it was spin and sculpt class with yelley Mel so I was working my ass off, but I kept moving nearer to the giant fan in the sculpt section in a desperate attempt to not overheat. I would wear this shirt as a regular shirt (it is nicely styled and fits well) but for my actual workouts? Maybe as a fall outdoor running shirt or hiking but definitely NOT for an intense sweat it up shirt. I like tanks and shirts that that breathe and even my el cheapo $12 Costco workout tank breathes better than this thing.
So in my opinion -save your $$$ - SO not worth it... I haven't felt nauseous from nearly overheating in a fitness class since the AC broke in the building during a packed spin class...

OK rant done.

Hi :)
As you can tell from my rant above, my morning workout class was very sweaty and hot, but I did push myself and worked out hard. It's friday and I'm so glad. It's been an odd week with a lot of bad new for close friends of mine and drudgery at work and I'm glad to send it off into the ether. Thankfully I have a full docket of useful things to do at work today and then a relaxing evening set up for myself before we get up nice and early to go visit Dad for a few days. I need to unwind and my dad's cabin/home is the best place in the world for that for me. Add in that it's J's birthday and I will be making cake and some of my canned peaches....and yay :)

Hope you all have a nice long weekend. See you on the flipside :)


Yum Yucky said...

yack! The feeling of wearing plastic is gross.I do like Reebok styles, though. I will have to steer clear of their climacool, however. Have a cake-tastic weekend!

azusmom said...

Happy birthday to J!
And good thoughts to all who are having a rough time.
Glad to see you're getting away for a few days. Enjoy! You deserve it!