well, that was good

This morning was spin class with Jocelyn. I love her - happy but intense. There was tension, jumps, tabatas...and sweat :) I worked hard to try and force the ennui out of my toes feel fantastic at the moment. I even did a bunch of ab and back work after since I had 10 minutes and I am ready for my day.
I'm starting to get excited about my mini holiday mid september. My sister is flying in to visit from Ottawa and we're going to go up and visit my dad at the lake for  a week. Both J and her husband have to work so we'll be able to relax and just veg and catch up with each other and Dad in my favourite place on earth. On my bus ride in this morning I decided I am going to start putting together bodyweight and jogging workouts for the lake. I really want to spend time getting back in touch with how I feel and exercising for the good of my soul on my own time and not just in the early morning as part of my day...there has got to be a lot of bodyweight stuff I can do to put together a few solid bootcampy outdoor workouts and I might even be able to convince my sister to do them with me. That would be a blast.
Buuuuut...for now, I shall eat my breakfast and get down to work. Another long day of work in sciencetown awaits me.
Later taters...

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