Long weekend

Well after a nice weekend away I'm back at it. J and I had a weekend at the lake visiting Dad. It ended up somehow with a lot of us visiting people. Oddly everyone wanted to see us since it's been a while, which was nice, but it really got tiring after a while - we just wanted to relax and after a while it was more of a chore when we just wanted to sit and relax in the peace and quiet. There was cake tho...and peaches. All in all we still got in a sunny afternoon of fishing and, best of all,  still got to spend a day alone together hiking through the woods on gorgeous hot and sunny monday and have a picnic and go swimming in a forest lake there too...which was all J wanted to do for his birthday so in the end everybody wins. :)
Tuesday I was up at 4 to drop Dad off at the plane (bleh) and then had a long day of work with errands after so it was gogogo until 10PM so no workout yesterday, but today I was a good little schmoo and was up to workout. It was sculpt class with Mimi and she always gives a strong hard workout. I love her classes and wish she taught more She really makes you work and breaks up the movements into chunks so you can focus on form and strength and not just work to fatigue. Today is another busy one with dinner at my brothers so I must dash. Just wanted to say hi and log in  after my long weekend.

Have a great day!


Yum Yucky said...

Sheesh. You're like a tornado of busy-ness. Good thing cake and peaches make everything all bettah. You should have some more of that.

MIZ said...

up and FOUR and STILL awake at ten?
youre my heroine =.