Long weekend? Yes please.

This weekend was a lovely long weekend. Saturday was a bit of a bizarrity (babbled about it on my other blog), but the rest of it was nice and relaxing with BBQs, Fringe festival plays and a rainy day relaxing and reading the new Ben Goldacre book Bad Pharma (which I would HIGHLY recommend if you want to know more about the current flaws and problems in the pharmaceutical and medical research...prepare to get angry!), starting up a few cider batches, sipping wine and just spending time with J, which doesn't happen enough. I feel grounded.
This morning it is back to the basics again and a commitment to being constant. Consistancy, for me, is the big winner and balancer at the end of the day. For the next month until my sister comes to visit mid september (meep) I pledge to workout my 5 mornings a week and eat balanced and settle back into life. My health is a priority along with work and other life things. This morning I crawled out of bed reluctantly at 520 and was in to the spin class. A whole month off and I didn't die, although I admit I could have :P. And so, I feel great.

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