The pie police aren't real you know

Last night I got to hang with an old friend and share her happy news...I won't say it out loud yet cuz I don't want to jinx anything after their years of waiting...maybe you can already guess what it is. But yes...good things :) We went out for coffee and pie at the local book store coffee shop to celebrate...and a first happened. For both of us. Yup - we couldn't finish it. We both had a mocha and a piece of coconut pie which wasn't very big, toasting the news with full forks...and half way through we were done with both coffee and pie. We agreed next time we would share the pie and have tea instead.
There aren't a lot of things I love and will do my best to finish (especially if I have to pay for it) but coffee and pie is one of them...and I walked away from 1/3 of my pie and 1/2 my coffee. I'll let that sink in - I didn't finish pie or coffee. I know. It was very rich and I had thoroughly enjoyed what I had...and was done. Heather and I have both changed our eating in the last few years...and it really is true what they say that once you eat well your body tells you what it needs. Why cram in food just to finish and feel bloated and bleh - you don't need to. The food police will not come and arrest you. Honest. They didn't come.
Yup -still learning every day :)

And so this morning, with nary a foodbaby remaining I came in to work out. There was no class but I made up my own workout. 3 rounds through of:
-10 pickup and shoulder 15 Lb, deep squat and put it back down. Alternate shoulders.
-10 pushups
-10 side arm raises T style (8 Lb)
-10 front arm raises T style (8 Lb)
-10 lawn mower weight pickup and standing row on both arms (15 Lb weight)
-10 forward lunge with side twist (8Lb), both legs
-20 switch lunges (still hate these...)
-20 hanging ab crunches
-20 back extensions
Then I hopped on the interval program on the elliptical for 28 minutes and called it a day.

Now I get to finish friday off nicely and look forward to the weekend. It's been a long week so I am looking forward to it. I have to rack my apricot wine and think I'll try my hand at trying a new food recipe, as well as see a movie with J and friends. Read the new book I picked up last night. Drink lots of tea.
I'm relaxing just typing this.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hug the ones you love and celebrate the little things.
Life is good :)


MIZ said...

I DEVOURED THAT BOOK and had the sads when it was all over...

Geosomin said...

Half way through. Giggling my head off. Finally someone stranger then me :)