Ha HA!
So close to friday. But not yet.
Last night I got to visit with my brother and his wife and play board games and visit a bit with their old Japanese student...she was so jet lagged! Poor thing - she managed to last the evening but I bet she sleeps most of tomorrow. Nothing like 26 hours travelling to wipe you out! We visited a bit and nibbled on all the weird snacky foods she brought us from Japan. I love Japanese snacks...they are so...bizarre. And the labels do not give any hint to what's in them... it's mystery snacking! :) Lots of different kinds of little packs of crackers, cookies, chocolate bits and fish jerky. Mmm.
In the end I got home late and then stayed up to visit with J a bit and add the strawberries to my beer and then do some errands...a late night. But, I still got up for my workout today. Woot! It was spin class with Mimi. It was a good one-I like her. She's mid-50s and kicks ass and is very inspiring as an instructor. A good sweaty way to start your day.

And so, I'm here with a bunch of coffee to keep my eyes open and get things done.
Here goes thursday! :)

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