Quick pop in to log and say hiya.
This weekend I relaxed a lot, made some potato bread and got a few things done...set up and organized my laundry area cupboard and generally futzed about, reading, seeing The World's End (very funny movie, just my sense of humour - recommend it) and just recharging. It was nice. Nothing major...just life.
This morning I crawled out of bed and came in for spin and sculpt. It was with the unexcitable instructor, but it was a solid workout so I feel ready for the day.
Gotta ruN!


azusmom said...

I REALLY want to see "The World's End." I hope it's still showing here next week, when both kids are back in school. A little end-of-summer celebration. :)

Yum Yucky said...

Have a good week, Geo!