Mmmm...mouse poop

This morning was sculpt class with the deceptively tiny asskicking Petra. I've got that pleasantly burning feeling all over. Hooray. :) I tried me a new breakfast too...vanilla greek yogurt with some raspberry almond granola and Nature's Path bran/fibre cereal stirred in...mmmmm...I like. Definitely a repeater. The all bran looks a bit like mouse poop which (I'm not gonna lie) is a but distracting but it tastes delicious. I'm one of those wierdos who likes all-bran-type cereal dry...nutty and crunchy and filling. Try it. It's good stuff :)

Last night J and I made a pact with ourselves. Strict clean eating until my brother's birthday...the 22nd. That includes no beer or drinks on the weekend. Lately I have been stellar all week only to undo all my good work with weekend celebrations. Yes they were fun and most worth it, but a bit out of hand. There has to be a better way if I'm gonna shave off this 5Lb that's been hanging about for a while. You know when your clothes feel a bit funny? Yeah, well that's where I'm at and I've had enough. My sweet J says he loves me and can't tell. Aw. What a guy. :) For me it's all about how I feel, so if I can do a bit more to feel better then I will.

It helps that being the former baker (and still rather handy in the old pastry department if'n I do say so myself) I've been requested by me bro to make him a deluxe chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. Seeing as it will need to be gluten and dairy free to meet the allergy needs of my family I'm on the hunt for the perfect recipe. I could cheat and buy a gluten free mix but I won't. I think I've found a great chocolate cake recipe and a dairy free "butter"cream mocha chocolate frosting recipe so we shall see how we do. Finding dairy free margarine with no whey in it is impossible. Most margarine has whey in's amazing what you learn is in foods when you have to hunt for it. Yet another reason for me to be as from scratch as possible.  I plan on making some raspberry sauce as well for this death by chocolate gf/df adventure too. A piece of this delicious cake and a glass of wine will be my reward for being oh so good the next while...definitely a goal to work for :)

Must run to a meeting and get my day rolling. Have a great day my good peeps :)


Yum Yucky said...

"deluxe chocolate cake with buttercream frosting" ...may we talk about that part some more???

Cindy said...

I can relate to the mouse poop. I tried that cereal where they put a raisin or date inside the wheat square. I couldn't eat more than 2 spoonfuls because all I could think was bug guts when I bit into the squishy part!
Your tougher than I am!

solarity said...

Look for dairy-free margarine in kosher foods.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

azusmom said...

Or try Earth Balance, if it's available. It's vegan.

MIZ said...

and only nine more days!! :-)

Karren said...

Did you manage to fulfill your Goal. I always struggle with food. 3 months ago i was loosing weight as most of the time i didn't feel like eating. But now i can't stop eating and i can feel that funny feeling with my clothes.