Old school

This morning class was cancelled because of fire alarm testing, so I had my own workout and kicked my ass thoroughly like the old days. I did a variation of  ZWOW 43 three rounds through with a 20 inch box plus 2 sets of back extensions and 30 minutes on the elliptical performance hill program at the end.  One round of the ZWOW was:
-15 side step ups (each leg)
-10 one legged tricep dips (each leg)
-15 one legged elevated lunge/bulgarian squat (each leg)
-10 burpees + step up for both legs (this was the variation since I couldn't remember for the life of me what 10 "chair climbers" were and had nothing describing it in my notes)

I feel most excellent. My booty is already a bit stiff so I know I've done my job today.

I am sad that Zuzka Light has started to charge for her ZWOWs and new Zgym program now, but I get that she has to pay the bills and she doesn't do a lot of product selling of equipment in her workouts  (well other than her new workout DVDs). I'm glad she's left her 70 odd ZWOWS online and hope she keeps up with the blogs and community she's built there. I still pop by the Bodyrock/Daily Hiit website sometimes too, but find they are missing a lot of the personal touches they used to have. I am always amazed at websites and people like that putting themselves out there to do so much work and build an online fitness group. It's nice having workouts there to challenge me when I need them.

Just going to go inhale some breaky and coffee and get to my day. Last night I woke up about 6 zillion times so I don't feel very rested (there is a nest of baby birds near my window and I will be SO glad when they're gone from the nest. SO LOUD those little birdies are...) but I'll keep at it and survive until I can head home and BBQ and have a nap :)

Have a fantastic day!


Yum Yucky said...

I was also bummed to hear about Zuzka, but a woman's gotta pay the bills! DailyHIIT is just a bit too weird & fitness-sexual for me. Or maybe I'm just too old to "get it. LOL! That personal touch has gotta stay in the mix as people grow & prosper

azusmom said...

Yeah, I was on Zuzka's website yesterday & saw that. But, yeah, even trainers have to eat.

There are A LOT of crows around here, and I swear they sound like the mafia! I keep expecting one to land on our window ledge and say "You think I'm funny?!"

Joshua said...

Every time i see someone working so hard makes me inspire. But it doesn't help you don't have enough rest.