I should like a hat like that

Last night I started knitting my very first hat. It's a pixie ball hat. Simple pattern with some deep bluey greeney chunky yarn. Meep. Hope to have it done before we go camping July long weekend...think I'll be able to swing it. I find knitting relaxing. Don't think I'd have the patience for a whole sweater...but a hat I can do.

This AM I was in for a sweaty high tension spin class with Mel. Really enjoyed it. Feel very Rawr indeed. Felt good to sweat. Now for a good breaky and it's off for another busy day.
Hope you all have a fantastic day!

And remember - you're awesome :)


Yum Yucky said...

That pixie style that is CUTE!
The woman with the iron reminds me that ours broke today. My hubs is gonna be pissed when he goes to iron his clothes in the morning. I supposed if I played the good wife I could warn him ahead of time and make HIM go out and get a new one. ((winks))

Jasmine said...

Patience is something where i always struggle. But you have given me a good idea of pixie ball hat. Perhaps i could give it a try. I like the card.