Life getting in the way

This AM I have to come in early to finish proofing a document and do a survey before I start regular work...unfortunately during my regular workout time int he AM. And as much as I think it could be a solution I can't get up at 4 to workout since I was up until 12 working last night. I just can't and function at work today.  So I will workout tonight when I'm home some time, walk home in stead of bus it and just eat well for the day. I had porridge oats with cooked apple and cinnamon this AM (just cook the chopped apple in the water a few minutes before you add the oats...mmm) and a bit of milk and maple syrup and now I'm hunkered down with some tea to get to work.
Here goes another monday!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Yep, sometimes life just gets in the way and you are smart not to sacrifice sleep!!

And sounds like your "plan b" is more than most people ever do for "plan a".

Frustrating when motivation is there but options are not! Hope it gets less busy soon.

Joan said...

I work 12-14 hours shifts and it is tiresome most of the time. As I can't do a workout, I try to eat well for the day. But still you feel left out and should have done it. I like your breakfast. Apples are good for health.