Doubling up

My J got home safe late last night after I spent the evening at my brother's visiting and watching a film. Over the weekend I got a lot done - dug up the flower bed and planted my baby raspberry trees, tore apart the remainder of my front deck and cleared all that up and then chopped the wood up into stove lengths and piled it in the yard. Even mowed the grass and helped (OK, watched) dad replace my broken doorknob. It's nice to see the work you've done after and know you've made your home better. Working with my dad is always fun. He likes to be busy and offered to come over to help and it was nice to work together for a bit.
Despite the late night last night I got up this morning to work out. One of the classes was on but I was feeling like more and it was an instructor that annoys me so I decided to get caught up on my DailyHiit workout 7 day insanity workouts. I did 2 together. Yup...insanity. It actually worked out as day 4 was lower body and day 5 was upper, so I made them into one long circuit of 50 seconds on 10 seconds rest with a few 10Lb weights. I did 3 circuits through and then did some inner leg and leg raises and crunches before stretching at the end. I feel wonderful. :)

Workout 4:
High knee box step up L leg
Shot put squat shoulder raise R arm
Shot put squat shoulder raise L arm
High knee box step up R leg
Burpee + tuck jump
Plie squat + side leg raise (alternating) with weight.

Plank on a box with tricep kickback L
Squat + tuck jump + 2 pushups
Plank on a box with chest row L
Chest press + Chest fly + full crunch on the box
Alternating lunge with arms overhead + bicep curl
Plank on a box with chest row R
High standing row (25 Lb bar)
Plank on a box with tricep kickback R

It was hard and sweaty, but I feel all badass now. I couldn't do all the planks and had to put a foot forward sometimes but I tried to do at least half the time in plank. Harder than it looked definitely! My timer needs a new battery and it died half way through but I still kept going using my watch. Not as easy, but it worked in a pinch.
ANYways...Time for a long day. Gotta run. Have a great day!


azusmom said...

Wait: A tricep kickback WHILE IN PLANK?!?!?!?!
Isn't that against the Geneva Convention?

Geosomin said...

It hurt was against a box, but still...yeah...owie