Hat's off

 I stayed up late just to finish my hat (few pics over on my much neglected non-fitness blog...).
Hee hee. It even fits. I was worried it wouldn't...could do with being a bit bigger but it fits so I'm happy. I like it.

Spent the evening drying to dry out J's soggy camping gear and get things sorted from his trip. Most of it is dealt with and the rest is drying on the deck (please don't rain please don't rain). Finished the day packed up ready for another day.

Today was spin class with the instructor I love, Jocelyn. It was a hard solid workout but still fun and afterwards I had 14 minutes free...so I tried to do today's Day 6 insanity workout from DailyHiit. I couldn't do 3 rounds due to lack of time but it was an ab workout so I could do it after spin. It was a tough one. Instead  of 3 rounds through I just did 40 of each thing and declared it done...my abs are quite perturbed with me at the moment...the workout was:
-situps (with 10Lb medicine ball)
-pike crunches (with 10Lb medicine ball)
-scissor hold crunches (with 10Lb medicine ball)
-reverse drop leg raise/crunches (both legs together) holding ball
-plank with waist twisted and dropped down to the side and back up
-up and down plank (elbows to arms)
-Bike toe touches
-bike toe tap each side + 2 leg crunch

Now I must dash. Insane day...but then aren't they all? :)


azusmom said...

LOVE the hat!

MIZ said...

they are all insane.
would we have it any other way?


Yum Yucky said...

Oh? ....so you have THREE blogs. Okay, lemme checkout your hat.