Cake of Rewarding +2

Yesterday was big brudders birthday- it was a happy 46th to one of the finest men I know. Nice backyard bbq with friends and my Dad. The birthday cake I whipped up ( after a first try where I was distracted visiting with dad and forgot the baking soda...oops) with chocolate mocha icing was nothing short of incredible...a glass of wine and a slice of heaven was the reward I have worked hard for these last few days :). It was seriously one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever made and it happened to be gf and df too. A keeper for sure for the recipe vault. It was deeeeelicious. The recipe is over on my food blog you are interested.

Now if you excuse me I am off to the yard get things done to beat the rain and work off my sugar coma. :)
Have a great sunday!!


azusmom said...

We're transitioning the kids to a GF/CF diet, and my son's birthday is coming up next month. This is perfect, thank you!
And Happy Birthday to your bro! :)

MIZ said...