Lets spin baby, lets spin

Ah. Lazy evening. It was nice. Knitted. Read. Futzed about.
This morning I came in to workout and it was spin class with yelly Mel and holy mama did we work out today. Sweaty crazy 45 minutes of spin madness.
Yup, it was a solid workout, after which I did a few core things (supermans, flutter kicks, bird dogs and rows with the medicine ball) and now I'm in for work. I've been having lemony greek yogurt with my breakfast granola and banana lately and YUM. It's like lemony perfection. I'm a gonna get more tonight when we head out for groceries.
Gotta run - we're getting in semi-loads of lab equipment for the new labs today and I have to help receive and unpack it. it's like christmas :)
This favourite dance song (a favourite to run to for me) has been stuck in my head since I woke up...now it can be in yours. Heheheheheh!

Have a great day!


Yum Yucky said...

I don't know what's up with my stomachs lately, but yogurt is suddenly making my tummy hurt. Lemony perfection sure does sound tasty. No fair.

MIZ said...

oooh whatcha reading?
anything you love?