Back to it

Ah. Back to regular schedule. Which I find oddly comforting...
This weekend was nice, but not long enough or free enough. I wish we got today off as well, but we don't...
It was nice to spend some time with J this weekend since he had friday and parts of saturday off. The family meals were OK, but I honestly would rather have stayed home with J and just hung out together instead. Still, good visits with people and lots of good food, and what was to be a potluck for a friends' birthday saturday turned into a late night of shenanigans with old friends i haven't seen in a while - it was nice to get out and have some fun :). Sunday was more enforced family time - managed to not go too hog wild on the food and enjoyed a bit of wine. While I enjoyed the new Doctor Who I sadly forgot to PVR the new Game of Thrones and realized in the middle of easter supper...hoping it's on again or on SHaw on Demand soon so I can catch up. Doh.
I did get a little activity in this weekend at least. I spent 3 hours out on the front sidewalk chipping all the ice and slush off the front walk and steps so now there's a trench for the melting snow to trickle away and not fill up the walk and no one will fall down on our sidewalk. It was hard work and I was really sweaty by the end, but the sidewalk is clear now. Once the snow is gone my home workouts will be lacking I think. Have to find other work to keep my busy! :P The great melt has begun and there is water EVERYWHERE... I need to dig out my rubber boots. Already made my winter boots squishy on my way in today. I'm glad I cleared away the side of my house because there's a LOT of melting to's hoping it all stays outside my basement.

And, I have to ask since I'm wondering if I'm being unreasonable about something- would you call anyone at 9 am on a saturday (holiday saturday no less) to ask a mundane question? My brother and his wife have a frustrating habit of calling me early on the weekends, usually on the only day I have to sleep in to ask me something that could wait for later. They just assume that since they've been up for hours I am too, and if not I'll just ignore the phone ringing. Thing is (as I keep reminding them), because of my job, I have to be on call all the time and if the phone rings at an odd hour, I assume it's important and answer it. Getting out of my warm cozy bed to answer a phone and find my brother on the line asking me a question that he could have emailed or texted ("can you bring an extra set of cutlery for supper?") or even just waited until later to call me about is annoying and I end up PO'd and can't go back to sleep after. I'm too polite to tear a strip off them but I'd like to. I don't call people before noon or after 9PM out of common courtesy unless it's very important. I ask them to do the same...but they don't respect that. I'm trying to figure out how to tell them without telling them off...any ideas?


MIZ said...

Im the same way.
it would annnnoy me, too.
but Id just not answer the phone :-)

azusmom said...

That is SUPER annoying!
Family is the hardest to deal with, lol! I can only suggest asking nicely, but I don't know them and cannot predict their reaction.