no show

Again with the no sculpt instructor. Given her stellar  track record of not showing up I do not think she will be on the summer and fall schedule. She teaches a wicked class...when she actually shows up. Pity.

So it was make your own workout again with classroom gear. I winged it with 3 rounds of:

25 good mornings (18Lb bar)
20 bent rows (18 Lb bar)
12 dragon curtsey squats (10 Lb dumbell)
10 full burpees
20 bicep curls (10 Lb dumbells)
12 one legged deadlifts, each side (12 Lb dumbell)
20 overhead shoulder press (18 Lb bar)
15 overhead tricep extensions (12 Lb dumbell)
20 deep squats (12 Lb dumbell)

Then 26 minutes on the hill program of the elliptical followed by 40 hanging crunches and 40 back extensions. Done and done. :)
Now it's another day of moving and packing at work. Lots more new gear coming in.
Must dash. :)


azusmom said...

I don't get it. How does she just not show up?
Good for you for making the best of it, though!

Geosomin said...

I dunno. It's been 1/4 so far. It's getting stupid. Thankfully the end of this month they do new programming, and I think she will not be around. Pity...she is a great instructor when she actually shows up.