Ching ching

Last night was fun. The end of bellydance for me until the fall, which is a shame, but a lot of fun. I was in 2 performance pieces at the bellydance hafla with lots of laughs and nibbly fun. Even have some leftover banana coconut bread (it was damn good)  so J gets a slice or 2 and doesn't feel left out. My sis in law came along with a friend of hers too who recently moved here and used to dance where she was, so perhaps she may take classes there in the fall. After I came home I had plans, but once I slowed down I realised was tired from a long fun day so I just prepped for today and went to bed.
This morning I was really tired and came so close to sleeping in but my after I reset my clock my cat came up and nudged my nose and went merp? and his little look of excitement at the start of the day made me change my mind and I decided to get up and go for it. So I rushed to make the bus and came in for a fantastic spin class. It was yelley Mel, but it was good sweaty exercise and I'm ready to go for the day and ease into a long weekend. Yes, I'm still tired, but that's OK. I may get the evening off with J tonight and this weekend is family dinners and new episodes of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones to keep me occupied. And some sewing and knitting...and...and... :)
We have dinner with J's family tomorrow and with my brother on sunday so there will be much enforced family time, but at least saturday is free for me to veg. Poor J has to work most of the time, but soon he will be done his season and we can relax and go to jolly old Engerland. I have to make a huge batch of tapioca pudding for tomorrow....mmmm.....

Hope you all have a nice Easter weekend. :)


azusmom said...

New Doctor Who!!!!!!
:) :) :) :)

Yum Yucky said...

happy Easter, Geo. Games of Thrones. Can't wait!