whirlwind day

Wow...busy day. Finally free to stop and grab some supper on my way to bellydance and post for the day. Whew! Almost forgot!
I was surprisingly not stiff at all after all my mammoth snow removal. Go me :) I did however wrench my knee walking through some of the ridiculous drifts still around on my way to the bus this morning. Then I banged it on the bus too. Yeah...stellar! I will have to be nice to it for a while...when I got to work I opted out of my planned spin and sculpt to be nice to my knee and instead rode the recumbent bike on my own quick pace with no tension for 25 minutes and then did a bit of my own mini overall workout which was 3 sets of:

20 X 4 corner punches with 10 Lb weights (from ZWOW 60)
20 deadlifts (35 Lb)
12 shoulder side raises (10 Lb)
20 hanging ab crunches
20 wood chops with no weight...because I managed to hit myself with it when I started with a dumbell and decided against it (stellar clumsy day I'm having huh?)
10 of: pushup + planked knee to opposite elbows (both) + push up + planked knee to same elbows all lizardy like

Thankfully the rest of the day, although insanely busy, has gone well and I'm off to my last (sniff) bellydance class of the term. I'll take it easy on the old knee and enjoy myself and with any luck, get home in time to tuck myself into bed early :)

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