quick stop

My knee was stubborn most of last night - No lunges or knee bends for me. I enjoyed bellydance but took it easy. Today it felt stiff but better so I still was kind to it. I went to spin class this morning but kept the tension low and didn't do any up and down moves and it seems to be fine so far. No clicking or soreness, so I'll keep being nice to it while keeping it moving.

Just popping in to log. Must dash.


azusmom said...

I thought of you last night as I huffed & puffed away on the Spin bike. Thinking about how much of a wuss I am compared to you, basically. :)
Hope the knee is feeling 100% soon!

Miz said...

How is it this morning??

Yum Yucky said...

My knee was creaky the other day, too. Wonder if the Knee Goblin is out to get us.