Just a wee bit of snow old bean

I just drove to buy a new snow shovel and then spent two and a half hours shovelling out my front walk, sidewalk and back path to the car. The debris from this past week of extreme weather. There were thigh high packed drifts for most of it. Whew! So glad on days like this that I have worked so hard for functional strength in my back and arms...I felt very amazon today hurling huge chunks of packed snow up onto the top of the shoulder high drifts in my yard. It's a nice sunny day with no wind or snow for once and only about -2...a good day to be outside. What a spring!
Now after a long hot shower I get a bottle of my favourite beer and a snack before I settle in and work on my poster. Ah! I feel a bit creaky but very much alive :)


Crabby McSlacker said...

That's so cool when exercise actually turns out to have functional benefits!

No snow here, but I need some to shovel some 'cause I'd love a nice excuse for beer tonight. Yum! Maybe I'll go run on the beach or wrassle a palm tree or something or find some other Southern California equivalent.

Yum Yucky said...

I've lost count of how many times you've had a snow storm. Jealous every single time I read about it here. It's snowing here today, but it's the wet, heavy stuff that turns to slush. I may never see a full blown blizzard again. ((sigh))

azusmom said...

I must say I don't miss snow. At all. Even the fluffy kind. I am a grade A-certified weather wuss, and darn proud of it! :)