Sew good

Ah. It was a nice busy weekend. The fun kind of busy (yes there is one!).
I helped J with his set and ran some errands, but mostly I just spent the weekend making wicked breakfasts and sewing. Creative sewing...which I love. I repurposed 2 things into new things I love more. I took an orange tank dress which fit fine on top but was too tight on the skirt and shortened it and took the skirty bit and added a hood to the tank top, making a cool new shirt. Then I took tshirt I was given as a gift years ago I like but was waaay to big (mens M) and resized it down to fit me perfectly. Now I can wear my zombie tshirt happily (yes I'm a nerd!). Then sunday 2 girls came over and we sewed on bellydance stuff all day. They aren't much for sewing so I helped them make basic belts they could decorate by hand and one of the girls had an awesome shirt we repurposed and made into a really amazing looking bellydance performance top with matching belt. It was nice to sew with friends and make stuff...I didn't make anything for me but I got some nice fabric cut out and ready to go and had a lot of fun helping the girls with their stuff and using my sewing powers for good.
Even got out to have beers with an old friend I haven't seen in eons and then go dancing saturday night a bit yeah. I'm all refilled with energy for the week. Add to that the fact that my order of bellydance swag from China came, and I am a happy camper indeed. :)
This morning I came in for spin and sculpt and feel great. Lots of compound exercises for the sculpt part, which I like. Crowded class, but tough and sweaty. Burpees and pushups and woochops. Rawr :)
And to work I must go. I wanted to pop in and log and say hello before I ran off into the world. Have a great day!!


Crabby McSlacker said...

Sew awesome!

Ok, that sucked. :) But seems like sewing would be a really cool combo of useful & meditative & fun, not that I'm planning to learn any time soon. Hand/eye coordination not a strong suit.

azusmom said...

Sounds fun!
I, too, however, completely lack the hand-eye coordination for anything beyond the most basic needle and thread repairs. Even those can be beyond me...

Yum Yucky said...

I wish I would've kept up on the sewing stuff I learned in Jr. High. I would really come in handy right now. ((sigh))