Dost thou hoist often?

That was on the pegboard at work this morning at the gym...made me giggle.

Last night J worked all night again (poor guy) so I made up some food that I knew he wouldn't like. I have some smoked fish my Dad made a while back from lake trout he'd caught and it's delicious. J is not a fish fan, especially of the smoked kind, so it was a good time to indulge. I made up some potato fish cakes (never made them before but saw them on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives) and OH MY FROG. They were Delicious. How can something so simple be so good? It's insane you guys...the soft potato and the smokey taste with the crunchy outside? Man. Just boiled mushed potato with the fish and some spices (garlic, pepper, dill) and then dipped in egg and crumbs and browned up (recipe on my food blog). Add a little tartar sauce and some steamed beets and I was in piggy heaven. And they were actually quite healthy...Definitely have to make them for my Dad - he'd love them! I know I did. There was not one crumb left.
Later I made J some more of the muffins I invented earlier in the week so he has lots of snacky fuel power for work. Then I finished up a little goofy project I made on the sewing machine (still not sure if I like it or not) and sewed a fringe on a dance belt for a friend and called it a night.

This morning was spin and sculpt and now it's in for a busy day here at work. I am so glad it's friday...I need a nap. Things are ramping up here at work and all of a sudden I'm I must dash and get to it. Have a fabulous weekend!

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