I shovel da snow. I drinka da wine. Mazeltov!

Well, my knee is about the same today. Still a bit sensitive, but if I'm careful it doesn't hurt. I was able to do some squats and side curtsey lunges today with attention to form so I think I'm on the mend.

Last night I had a lot of pent up stress to wear off (there are a lot of layoff where I work right now and still 80 more positions they are going to remove...very stressful wondering if you or your team members are "next") so I was going to knit and relax, but discovered my neighbors had piled a huge drift of snow from their yard up against the side of my house to shoulder height in some spots (some of it from their dog run. Yuck). It buried the AC unit and is the side of my house that tends to flood so I grabbed my new shovel and had at it for a few hours, clearing a 1 m trench along the house on that side. It wasn't easy because it was packed hard and frozen in spots and I had to walk the snow back behind or to the front to get it out (although I reaaaaaally just wanted to shovel it back into my neighbors yard!). I'd still like to do a bit more, but it's a very solid dent into the snow problem they created. It's twice the normal snowfall this year to begin with so I don't need help of added snow from other people. I'm amazed at the fact that they could do that without thinking...seriously rude. (and they are generally really nice...)

I rewarded myself with a lovely salmon steak and steamed broccoli and yams and it was very tasty. Then I set to baking up some treats for the bellydance hafla tonight. I had no eggs, so I put my newly poured glass of blueberry wine in a coffee travel mug (we're all for classy around here!!) and walked to the store and back for baking stuff. As a bonus, J called form work while I was out so I got to walk at sunset talking to my luv while sipping my own fine wine. Really put me in a most happy mood to finish off my day :) Got back and got down to baking. Made some banana muffins for us at home and haystack cookies for work. The loaf I made for the hafla looks deeeeelicious - banana coconut bread with lime glaze. New recipe that is actually quite healthy too. Spent the rest of the late evening playing with costumes to find something fun to wear for dancing and finally plopped into bed happy, destressed and full of haystack cookies.
This morning our sculpt instructor didn't show up (again) so I made up a low impact knee friendly workout of 3 rounds through.

-10 Side curtsey dragon lunges with 10 Lb (each side)
-20 squats
-20 Deadlifts (18 Lb bar)
-20 clean and press (18 Lb bar)
-20 bent rows (18 Lb bar)
-15 bicep curls (18 Lb bar)
-20 tricep extensions (12 Lb)
-15 one legged deadlifts (2 X 12 Lb)

Then 2 sets of:
-15 Shoulder raises (18 Lb bar)
-10 of: pushup + spider crunches both sides + pushup + lizard plank crunches both sides
-20 plie squats

Then I hopped on the elliptical for a hill program for 20 minutes. Feeling good.
Really must get to work. I figure if I make myself indespensible they'll have to keep me around.


Yum Yucky said...

Frozen snow is the worst! It's a miracle I can recall what it's like to shovel. Dang global warming... You will be in prayers about the job stuff. I hope you can cruise easily through your day with minimal stress. xo

azusmom said...

Sending more good thoughts for your job. And may your neighbors see the light and STOP piling snow against your house!!!!!
(BTW, how many times has that instructor not shown up? Not very professional, unless there's something going on.)