lame to giggedy in 60 seconds

Today started off lame, but it's ramping up already. The sculpt class was cancelled this morning (that is 3 for 3 classes cancelled this week...the queen is not amused) so I decided to bang out ZWOW 59 in ~21 minutes (3 rounds of: 10 RDL pushups, 20 cross around the worlds (20Lb), 20 weighted (12Lb) reverse lunge twists, 20 cross body mountain climbers and 30 sides skip touch downs over the bosu ball) and then added 3 sets of 20 deadlifts and 20 goblet squats with 20Lb. Then I hopped on the elliptical for 25 minutes on the interval program and finished the morning workout off well I think. By then I was full of happy workout endorphins and totally over the whole cancelled class thing. I had some delicious pumpkin overnight chia oats for breakfast and have a giant Tim Horton's coffee with cream waiting for me at my desk to get me going. I am dreaming about my muffin I have for coffee too...been inventing more muffins lately - this week is pumpkin carrot walnut multigrain...they're J approved :).

Today I have much to do, plus I have to give a lab tour to a bunch of bigwigs and try and figure out where new equipment can be delivered to, as well as all the other fun things I have scheduled. Heh heh...someone please explain to me why I'm the adult in charge of so many things? I'm wearing a suit jacket and everything to try and disguise my complete confusion as to how I became the "adult in charge"! If they only knew that I still giggle whenever someone says the word duty...they might reconsider letting me do all that I do. :)


Yum Yucky said...

Good gawsh, woman. I need that muffin recipe!! **sits and waits, tapping toe**

azusmom said...

You probably project an "I-know-what-I'm-doing" type of attitude.
That sort of thing'll getcha every time!
Keep calm & drink some coffee. :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

I often feel like I'm impersonating a grown up! Let's not tell anyone that we're secretly 7 years old, ok?

And those muffins sound like my idea of HEAVEN!