hooray the instructor showed up!

This morning I was TIRED and it took all I had to get up and come in to work out...but I did. And, thankfully, the spin instructor showed up! It was a day when I needed someone to kick my butt and get me moving, and she did just that. A nice sweaty spin class for me. It's been a while....loved it. After class, even though I wanted to wimp out I kept to my burpee challenge and did my 60 burpees and 60 bicycle abs and am now in and ready for my day.
I'm already daydreaming of a nap after work and I am absolutely terrified at the amount of lab stuff I have to go through and pack and purge in the next few weeks...but I have to start somewhere, so I've got my coffee, my hair in a ponytail and my steel toes on and I'm just going to dive in and get to it and try not to look around at it all or I'll get overwhelmed...My plan is this: focus on one thing until it's done and then do the next thing...and so on and so on. Yup.

Oh, and given the muffiny interest - here's the link to the recipe on my foody blog so you can try out my pumpkin carrot nut concoction there if you like.
Have a great day all of you lovely peoples. I'm off to the land of science!

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