I, labrat

It snowed all weekend. Even got down to -30 C with windchill. This spring sucks. It seems like January...

I did a small experiment with myself this weekend. I learned a lot about myself...and am not sure what to do with this knowledge. All weekend, it was busy and I didn't do a lot of cooking for myself with lots of family meals and I decided to eat whatever and indulge. I didn't seek out ridiculous things, but if offered I would enjoy them. And...well...bleh. No wonder I used to weigh a lot. Friday evening we guacamole and pita chips for supper and later had some beer and wings and wedges...not terribly terrible...but it continued all weekend. Saturday evening was a multicultural potluck of delicious proportions, after which I ended up at my friends where (due to a water main break) we couldn't have water or tea and ended up drinking pop and beer and snacking on candy all night as we hung out. Then Sunday it was family dinner with twice stuffed potatoes, peanut butter cheerio squares and brownies.
The real bizarre thing to me is I'm not a sweets person generally. I prefer crunch and salt...but you know, I noticed, the more I had of the sugary stuff...the more I wanted. The more I actually craved it and daydreamed about it. It was really strange. I even bought myself a Bounty candy bar while out, which I never do anymore... and thankfully after a bite of it I realized how ridiculous things had become and threw the rest out.
So yeah - I have reconfirmed that I am indeed not one of those "have a little" people. And I too can be hooked on sugar...I now know I can't relax with my diet. I really can't. If I were to let myself carry on the way I did this weekend I would be back to my old weight in no time. In fact, I'm not surprised if I chowed on a few pounds over the weekend. Constant vigilance.

This morning I was up for spin and sculpt class and have healthy meals planned with bellydance class tonight. I ate the last peanut butter cheerio square this morning and feel just gross...so no more. No more crap today. I will be vigilant about my food and keep away from the crap for the rest of the day.

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