ah...the end is nigh

SO very glad it's friday.
I fell on the snow and ice on the way home yesterday. Yes...to my great anger and rage it is still minus 21 fricking Celsius with 6 inches of fresh snow in mid March (dagnabbit). I am so DONE with winter. It's been a particularly long and snowy winter and I'm dreading the melt to come. I've no doubt there will be flooding....perhaps even in my basement if my lovely neighbors keep shovelling snow beside my house. I have to shovel when I get home today...and I am crossing my fingers it will be for the last time. Because for some reason, after the fall last night I have switched over from not caring about weather to having a vehement loathing of winter. I need some spring. Stat.

I was quite tired yesterday and after getting home and nibbling my way around the house for a few hours I did some work on my poster for London and then promptly fell asleep on the couch with my laptop about 845 until J got home from work at 1030. I suppose I needed it. Then of course I went to bed...and feel better today. Much less tired. J may even get the later evening off from work tonight so we are going to meet friends and watch episode 4 of his show tonight...before a long weekend of stuff. Set up set, tear down set and two family dinners int he midst for me while J works all weekend (and gets out of family obligations...lucky sod). If I'm lucky I will get to hide and play Tomb Raider with an old friend saturday night and we can drink soda and act like we're 12 for a while...I haven't seen her in ages. I hope it works out. Cuz work is still crazy... and today I will try my best to keep it together and not kill the ones I am trying to help (honestly, academics can be like 4 year olds...)

This morning was spin and sculpt and it was a good solid class. I was strong and able to keep up with the challenges of class and work hard. Today I'm meeting a few girls for lunch to escape the work craze and hopefully will slide into the weekend with my eyes open and brain ready to enjoy the little bits of goodness that I know will be there through it all.
Have a great day guys!


Barb said...

I am soo ready for summer, this has been the longest winter ever! At least it feels that way!

Yum Yucky said...

welcome to MONDAY!!! aren't you all excited about it 'n stuff?