it's how I roll

Yesterday was a looooong day. After work (with extra work) I was home to a quick supper and off to bellydance the end of class I was pooped. My legs and joints were tired and I was a thirsty wobbly mess. I came snow to shovel (grrr) but after that I made a cup of tea and finished knitting up the second one of first ever pair of arm warmers (they look the same - hooray!) and fell happily into a snuggly bed with my lovely J.
It even looks like an arm warmer!
Today is more of the same. Work and my poster for London to work on tonight. I may be lucky enough to get to see Les Miserables later tonight with my friend Heather (we've been trying to for months now...). J is not a musical fan and I love the actual musical, so I'm really curious to see it...hopefully we can get there tonight.

This morning was spin class. Jocelyn subbed again and I like her - she makes you work without realizing the end I was dripping sweat and feel amazing. I was going to do my burpee challenge after, but after 1 burpee my left knee (which I whacked yesterday during bellydance) said "Hello! Don't do that!" so instead I did some hip lifts, ab exercises and bird dogs and then spent some foam rolling love time with the muscles in my upper legs and around my knees instead and it helped a lot - they are less sore now. I love the foam roller for working out kinks...feels sooooo goooood :)
Today is another full day. Trying to keep the food healthy and the energy up. More sciency wiency things to do and much to be thankful for.
Hope you have a great day. I'm off to the lab!


Cindy said...

We call those public transit gloves. You can still hold on to a bus pole without touching any possible ickyness and use you fingers to chase down your fare.

azusmom said...

Love those! My friend used to wear them when she played her flute outside at football games. :)
Enjoy the sciency-wiency stuff!

MIZ said...