Well hiya! Been away from the computer a bit. Sorry. Slacking and loving it!

Friday I had a first aid CPR training refresher across town all day and then some work after that, so I didn't get a workout in. I had schemes of working out on the weekend, but ended up helping out J for parts of it and spent a lot of the rest of it sewing, baking, cooking, reading comics and attempting to knit something. I really only want arm warmers and after I tried a scarf to remind myself how to knit, I just gave up (knitting is so SLOW compared to sewing...zzz) and skipped straight to the arm warmers. I have half of one done so far and it looks OK...knitting is definitely not my thing. Oh, I can do it, and likely will, just to make myself arm warmers, but I'm not gonna be making myself a sweater any time soon. Especially not when I can whip up something on the sewing machine much more quickly. J too figures I could do more with my time sewing than knitting...I am inclined to agree with him, but still want some arm warmers, so for now, I will stick with it.
I mean -how cool is this project?
Altho, looking on Ravelry has inspired me that maybe there are a few cool things out there to make that aren't too evil. We shall see. I have to get this pair of arm warmers done first. I really only was knitting out of annoyance at my sewing attempts...I was making a bellydance top saturday afternoon but accidentally sewed together a few parts backwards and was quite annoyed to have to take them apart again, so I moved on to drinking blueberry wine, thinking about my Mum, knitting and prepping food for the week: pulled chicken, pumpkin carrot nut muffins, pumpkin chic pea curry soup and some cinnamon nut twists for work today (having a bread maker rocks!).
So, I definitely needed to workout after a slacker weekend. Today was back in for workouts...I was really feeling the lack of workout by today (I get all moody and cranky) and it's good to be back to it. Morning spin and sculpt class was (again...grr...) cancelled so I winged it and made up my own workout on the fly:
3 rounds through of:
-20 deadlifts (40 Lb barbell)
-10 dragon curtsey lunges with 10 Lb weight (each side)
-20 kettle bell swings (25 Lb)
-20 deep squats + shoulder raises with 10 Lb dumbells
-15 side ab extensions with 25 Lb
-15 bicel curls (10 Lb dumbells)
-15 bent rows (15Lb dumbells)
-5 ab combos (2 pushups + 2 planked knee to elbow (each side) + 2 spider pushups + planked lizard  knee to elbow on side (each side).
-10 bird dogs (each side)
-10 fire hydrant lifts (each side)
Then 25 minutes on the hill program on the elliptical and that was that. Good workout I figure. Now I've gotta go see what I have to catch up on at work. Tonight is bellydance class, so if I can make it through the work day I get to jiggle my stuff...cant' wait!
Hope you all had a great day.

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Yum Yucky said...

I knew how to sew and knit as a child. My grandmother taught me & my cousin. But I didn't keep up with it. Now my cousin is knitting all kinds of awesome like you, while I sit here in envy.