c is for cardio

Well, this morning the spin instructor was sick, so I had to do my own cardio. I hadn't been on a stairclimber since before christmas, so I figured I would have at it for a change. I hopped on the stairclimber on a hill endurance program for 30 minutes and then was feeling all uber-awesome so I hopped on the treadmill for another 25, alternating between walking 1-1.5 minutes at a 6% incline and jogging at 10 mph for ~4 minutes. It was hard since it took a bit to remember how to pace my breathing and not get a side stitch, but once I got my groove back it went well and I felt great after. Since my knee decided to make me pay more attention to my body I can't run a lot anymore, but I love it, and every once in a while it's nice to do a bit of it.
I'm trying to ramp it up a bit so I can go for weekend jogs once the weather warms up. Plus ,when we are in the UK this spring visiting a friend, she's taken up jogging and I am really looking forward to a planned 5K jog around her country town with her. It will be beautiful, and definitely a new thing for us to do together. I'm so proud of her. After we came for their wedding last year she saw me so much more healthy and fit (I haven't seen her in person for many years) than I'd ever been and she figured if I could do it and like it she would give it a go...and it turns out she loves to run, and has started taking Pilate's as well. I love when people find an activity they enjoy...:)
I made sure I stretched well today once I was done.  I am still stiff in many places from sculpt class yesterday so I made sure to stretch and definitely didn't try and do any more weights...but I got in my cardio that's for sure. Unfortunately I totally forgot about my whole burpee challenge. Oops. Tomorrow then. :)


Yum Yucky said...

...and all this time I thought C was for "cookie". Thank you for informing me that hamsters have thumbs. My kid got a hamster for Christmas. I made her give it back to the giftor. They took it back to the store. Already got enough beasts in my house (the 4 kids). You'd think if someone is gonna gift you a live creature, they'd at least warn you first. ((end rant))

Geosomin said...

a hamster as a gift. Eep.
Hamsters are deceptively mellow. As a youngun I had a pet hamster who would regularly go all ninjs and escape from her cage and go spelunking about the house, returning in day or two with marbles and such.
She never did anything very interesting while *I* was about, but apparently lived an exciting double life :)

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